Samsung galaxy note 3 – Problem of Overheating

Samsung has packed a lot of technology into a relatively svelte body in the Galaxy Note 3 and that means it’s going to generate heat. All smartphones will heat up when you play an FPS for two hours straight, but if your Note 3 is getting uncomfortably hot during normal or light usage, or it’sRead more

Note 3 Glitch: Wi-Fi issues

Some Note 3 owners are having trouble connecting to Wi-Fi networks, finding that the Wi-Fi is very slow, or that the device keeps dropping the connection. There are a ton of potential reasons for this and consequently there are a ton of potential fixes. Here’s what you can try: Workaround: Some people with stability issuesRead more

Note 3 – Unreliable GPS

Apparently there’s a known issue for Note 3 owners on AT&T whereby the GPS struggles to establish a fix or it frequently cuts out. Sometimes it drops for a short time and returns, at other times it seems to go missing for prolonged periods. This might not be confined to AT&T as there have beenRead more

Note 3 problems ! Charging slowly or not charging

Problem: Charging slowly or not charging A lot of Galaxy Note 3 owners have run into problems charging the Note 3 up. They’ll plug it in and the Note 3 will either fail to charge up at all, or it will charge very slowly. Some people have found that it charges intermittently while plugged in.Read more