AF Tool 4.3.7 Mtk and Qualcomm new features added

AF Tool 4.3.7 for latest mtk and qualcomm phones. Mtk and Qualcomm new feature added in this tool enjoy free. Download Related PostsPrepaid Phones on Sale This Week Apr 12 – Apr 18Prepaid Phones on Sale This Week Apr 19 – Apr 25The Best Prepaid Mobile International Voice & Text…All Sony Xperia Pattern lock, Blinking,Read more

Frp Reactivation Remover Pro Tool free with key

Samsung frp remover tool free…. No need boot file No need adb file No need combination file Just use this tool for frp reset with single click. Enjoy free Download frp reset tool with key. Rar password: Download Related PostsSAMSUNG Flashing Programs – & samsung issuesChina 400 Flash Files – Chinese phone method many…PrepaidRead more

Bug of note 3 : Index Service has stopped

A number of people have encountered this problem. The message “Index Service has stopped” pops up frequently on the screen. Some users report they can click it away and continue using the Note 3, while others are suffering freezes and having to reboot the phone. It is related to files that the phone is attemptingRead more

note 3 Bug: “Prevention information” message

A number of people have encountered a pop-up message on the Note 3 with the header “Prevention information.” It goes on to say “An application has been forced to stop for an unauthorized attempt to access system in your device. It may be safe to delete an application obtained from an unauthorized route. Check now?”Read more

Samsung note 3 – Problem: Region lock

Samsung has applied a region lock on the Galaxy Note 3, which means that if you put a SIM card from a different region into it, the device will lock up. This is probably to try and curb people importing phones from different regions, but it’s an obvious pain for frequent travelers. If you haveRead more

note 3 ! Bug: Random restart and boot loop

Bug: Random restart and boot loop samsung galaxy note 3 top screen angleA number of Galaxy Note 3 owners have reported random restarts where the device just reboots unexpectedly. Some unfortunate people have encountered a boot loop where the phone just continually reboots. It’s not entirely clear what is causing this. It could be somethingRead more

galaxy note 3 Bug: Email not syncing

If you’ve been manually refreshing your email inboxes in order to get fresh email then you’re not alone. Quite a few people have not been getting email alerts or fresh mail when it comes in even with push set to automatic. You can try a few things: Potential solutions: Make sure Sync isn’t toggled offRead more

Note Problem: fast Battery drain

A lot of people have encountered issues with the Note 3 battery draining rapidly and unexpectedly. You should check out the steps for the overheating problem below, as this is likely caused by the same things. You can also check out our smartphone battery saving tips for general advice. But there is another potential fix.Read more

Galaxy note 3 ! Annoyance: Phantom notification

Some people have been getting phantom notification sounds or vibrations on their Note 3 and when they check to see what it is there’s nothing in the notification shade. There are a lot of possible culprits here so we’ll run through some of the main ones. Potential solutions: Go to Settings > Accessibility and lookRead more

not3 Glitch: Disappearing photos

Glitch: Disappearing photos There have been a lot of complaints from people struggling to find their photos on the Note 3. They are taking photos and then going to review them in the gallery or photos app and finding that they’re gone, or that they’re not in the expected folder.Potential solutions: It could be thatRead more