Samsung G531 Back Camera Problem Repair Solution

The high request from my customers, finally i get the solution of back camera problem of samsung g531 , so now i am able to share with you because it is tested by me. Problem symptoms: Camera not work, blank display when open the camera, some time it shows error like (unfortunately camera has stopped )Read more

Samsung G531 lcd and light issue solution

This is major issue of samsung g531 cellphone, the screen goes to dark and not show anything on the display. Customers worried about screen damage but Actually it is not display or lcd fault, it’s only display light issue. So you don’t worry it’s all ok, Just use this solution and get phone live again,Read more

Samsung G531 Mic problem solution

Symptoms: Call Voice not outgoing, some time listen lot of noise during call, some time voice interrupt again and again. These all symptoms shows the problem in mic or related parts. So i finally i share the problem solution when i changed the mic but problem not solved. Solution: First replace the mic with newRead more

Samsung G531 charging problem solution

Brand = Samsung Model = G531 Problem = charging not show Due to high request of  my customers which already do work on mobile repairing field. I share with you a common problem solution in Samsung g531 cellphone, its called charging fault. Symptoms: It does not work when attach the charger into phone, some timeRead more

Samsung G531F No power problem solution (not switch on)

Due to many requests of my customers, finally i got a solution of dead set of Samsung g531f. Problem: Its not on or dead or not show voltage in the power supply. Some time our customers drop down the phone due to drop down the cellphone, its ic damage or not work so its mechanismRead more

Samsung S6 SM-G920F Sound problem solution

Due to many request of my customers which is related to Gsm field, i share with you a common problem solution, its called Sound problem solution. Here we are mentioning the audio solution of s6 ( sm-g920f). Precautions: Use this solution for your own risk. Problem symptoms: When your phone stuck or hang on , whenRead more

Samsung S6 sm-G920F WiFi Bluetooth problem repair solution

Many customers ask me about wifi and Bluetooth problem of s6, So finally i got it and share with you. Symptoms: When your phone ask password again and again, means problem in wifi module. if your phone can’t find the wifi and not show the signals of wifi then you use this solution for removeRead more

Samsung S6 SM-G920F front camera problem solution

Dear customers with your high request to ask the Samsung S6 front camera problem , finally i found the problem and its solution. So i share with my audience. Try the solution one by one as shows in the upper figure. Solution: First replace the highlighted component ( R9003), if problem remains then use 2ndRead more

Samsung S6 sm-G920F Back Camera problem solution

My hardware technician request to ask me about Samsung s6 back camera problem solution, So finally i get it and sort out the problem with the help of some hardware Technics. lets come out about solution which is try one by one method. First method: Check or replace the resistance which is highlighted in theRead more

Samsung S6 sm-G920F sim card not work solution

My customers always request me to solution of insert sim card of s6, so i get it and share with you. This is step by step guide to solve the insert sim problem solution. Actually this problem shows, when you replace the sim card again and again but you can’t notice that about the damageRead more

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